About us


Welcome to oure-shop, where we offer unique jewellery of the CAMÉE brand, jewellery designed by czech and frenchdesigners. Products of this company are wellknown primarily in Japan, Australia, France and Italy.

This exclusive jewellery, handcrafted by highly skilled jewelers from Jablonec nad Nisou, is now available to ladies in theCzech Republic.

Bohemian jewels of distinctive design by CAMÉE are made from high quality metals. Surfaces are coated with Rhodium and Ruthenium galvanic finishes, which give them long durability, resistence to surface deterioration and increased brilliance. Rhodium galvanic finishis used to create lighter silver-like appearance. Ruthenium on the other hand is applied to achievea darker finish. Products do not contain nickel and, therefore, they contain anti-allergic properties.

Glass stones used in the jewellery are produced in a range of unique and diverse colours and shapes. Glass stones are hand-made using traditional glass-making techniques.

We believe that CAMÉE jewellery will highlight the personality of every woman.

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